Mosaic Public Relations works with a wide array of talent, from award-winning/nominated Film and Television stars & Musicians to talent just emerging in their fields. We specialize in individually tailored campaigns for each of our clients to suit their specific needs. We work directly with the client to help create a ‘brand’ around their public image. We work closely with all media outlets to strengthen and increase their personal and public image and create awareness. We work with talent in all stages of their careers – weather they are new talent and need to establish name recognition in the Entertainment industry or established clients who seek to maintain, increase or rebuild their public image. Mosaic Public Relations has spent years fostering relationships with the most noted Media outlets all over the world, which provide a wide-range of press opportunities for our clients. We also work outside the box to create opportunities for our clients in the form of paid speaking engagements, paid televised guest appearances, sponsorship opportunities, guest hosting/columnist opportunities, styling and brand association/participation among others. In addition to press, we seek out red carpet media events, gift lounges, charity partnerships and other avenues. We also provide image counsel and media training. We work very closely with the Studios, Networks and production companies to ensure the best press opportunities are provided for each client relative to the projects they are working on. We also listen to our clients and understand their needs outside of their Film/TV work. We are instrumental in helping pair clients with specific charities, expand and capitalize on their other interests (be it art, writing, directing, comedy) and offer our services to assist in these endeavors. We strive to create an environment where our clients can come to us with any request, no matter how big or small, and we will do our best to help facilitate. We also make it a priority for any event where press will be involved (photo-shoots, tapings, red carpet, appearance, etc.) that a member of our highly trained staff will be on-site with the client to assist in any way we can as well as make sure to maximize the clients overall experience and press exposure.

Mosaic Public Relations is very aware of the need of the changing content in digital media and news. More people than ever are getting their news and entertainment from digital sources and social media. Social media has allowed for news and information to reach an audience that might not otherwise have been exposed to it. Combine this with sponsorship and advertising potential for clients, Mosaic Public Relations taps into the vast resources the Internet can provide in helping our clients reach their goals of higher visibility, brand awareness and outreach. We assist our clients in establishing verified fan pages and help in maintaining and expanding these to reach the maximum target audience.

Mosaic Public Relations has vast experience in every aspect of putting together a successful red carpet event for every client’s needs. Some of the clients we have produced red carpet events for include:

• Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer charity
• Genlux Magazine
• National MS Society
• Lift Up America
• Desert Smash

We cover every aspect as needed for producing our events from celebrity outreach, celebrity host procurement, press outreach, brand sponsorship and product placement, talent wrangling, red carpet coverage, announcements, guest lists, physical production, equipment rentals, lighting, DJ’s, step-and-repeats, security, location scouting and procurement, press releases and many more. We have produced and/or done the PR for a multitude of different types of events from charity events, Film, Television and Web premieres, Art openings, Magazine launches and events, Award Shows, Talent/Client red carpets, as well as product launches and events.




Online and Social Media